Vintage Art Stationery
Vintage Art Stationery
Vintage Art Stationery

Vintage Art Stationery

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You know how to write, and your vocabulary is getting more and more robuster as the years go on - so let's combine these two amazing characteristics to create some memorable notes for your family, friends, and colleagues - to let them know that you care, and also that you still remember how to write.

Not only can you send someone a nice note on this handsome stationery, but you are also giving them a small piece of vintage art that they can easily display in a standard 5" x 7" frame.

  • 10 folded cards (all of one of the designs) and 10 envelopes
  • Sandstone-colored, medium-weight paper
  • Kraft brown envelopes for the outdoors aesthetic
  • Envelopes self-seal with tear-away adhesive strip
  • Cards come folded
  • Cards measure at 5" x 7" when folded 

The Rainbowfish is an illustration by Pieter Bleeker (1819 to 1870), who was a Dutch medical doctor, ichthyologist, and herpetologist. 

The Duck is a drawing by Aert Schouman, an artist from the Dutch Republic, who lived from 1710 to 1792.