September Twelfth - That Feeling of Unity

That Feeling of Unity
On September 12, 2001, people all around the country - and across the world - began their day with a multitude of heavy emotions.  Among them were:  
Shock and Grief from the unfathomable and tragic events of the previous day.  
Fear and Confusion of what the future might hold.
And then a new feeling emerged.
Starting with a fire burning inside the heart,
And spreading within the chest.
Followed by chills down the arms and legs, 
And all the way up the neck.
And then a new sense of determination.
All of this, from a feeling, 
that was emerging more powerful than before:
Through the smoke, a new mission became clear, a sense of purpose crystalized:
We Would Not Be Defeated
This feeling of Unity arose naturally within each individual.
And it spread through the whole country.
And across the world.
Individuals rose out of bed, refusing to be knocked down.
Communities across the country walked arm-in-arm.
Nations of the world stood together.
From this Unity came reinvigorated Strength.
Whatever it would take.
Individually and Collectively:
We would not be defeated.
We would never forget.
We would never give up.
We pause here, to Honor and Remember the Victims and the Heroes of September 11, 2001.
And we pause again, to Acknowledge our Great Appreciation for our First Responders, Armed Forces Servicemen and Women, and their Families.
And, may we move forward together 
with that Feeling of Unity,
both within ourselves and with others.
So that we may have the Strength
to support ourselves,
to support each other,
and to continue our individual
and our collective 
toward Greatness.
Go Forth, Go On

The Captain