The 1718 Hat
The 1718 Hat

The 1718 Hat

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An adventurous hat to celebrate an adventurous history:

The year was 1718.
The man was Jean-Baptiste Le Moyne de Bienville.
The land was not yet named New Orleans.
But its famous crescent shape was already noted.
Bienville selected this land; and in this year, he founded:
"La Nouvelle-Orléans"

Auld Wyld is pleased to offer this hat to celebrate the adventurous Founding of the City of New Orleans:

The same nonchalant and natural style as The Hemingway Hat - with "1718" added to the front with a classic embroidery style.  

Product Details:

* Wavy Brim for Unique Look * Lightweight * Adjustable Back Slide Closure * One-Size Fits Most * Six-Holes for Added Breathability * "1718" Embroidery * 100% Lightweight Polyester * Import * Embroidered in New Orleans *